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June 2013


111,000 sq m (1,194,794 sq ft)


306 m (1,005 ft)

Primary Use



Cayan Investment & Development




As you can see from the picture provided, the Cayan Tower is known for its unusual elegant twist. The building was created to provide residents with a juxtaposition of the 75-story building next to the water. The rectangular buildings lining the water next to it create a softer exciting but urban environment that would not be possible without the tower. Cayan Tower improves the Dubai skyline significantly. The twisting shape is aesthetically pleasing to both residents and tourist. Located near Dubai Internet City, Emirates Golf Club, and numerous corporate headquarters, the tower’s twisting form provides a greater number of units with desirable views of notable go to places in Dubai. On the ground floor,  the tower serves as an urban escape for tourist and visitors, connecting the Arabian Gulf, the Dubai Marina, and the city of Dubai. It is also the most popular visual point of reference on the city skyline. The building is known for changing from every angle, giving it a sense of movement with no regards to the viewer’s vantage point.