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In 2014 Koma head shot of komichel johnsonichel Johnson rebranded his business to reflect the mission of JLW Homes and Communities when founded in 1999. Komichel Johnson is the current CEO and founder of Aspire Intown. Aspire Intown provides in-town home owners with the luxury of in-town living. While utilizing contemporary but classic home features, Aspire Intown bestows home owners with their desired living experience.

During the year 1999, Komichel Johnson decided to become an urban builder for his own company, JLW Homes and Communities. Komichel led the business to generate over $70 MM in revenue before experiencing the wrath of the recession in 2008. Although times were extremely challenging, Komichel Johnson knew there were continuous opportunities to deliver homes in the real estate market. With that being said, Komichel Johnson was able to build a platform to service the strong international and domestic client base that desired quality discounted properties. Through various partnerships, Komichel Johnsons has sold over 500 properties since the 2008 recession.

Although Komichel has experienced setbacks throughout the process of creating an everlasting business – he continues to build quality homes and communities in the state of Georgia. Some of his most influential moments were purchasing his first house in Summer Hill and transforming inner city communities with quality and affordable homes. These communities have attracted credible community stakeholders.

Today, Komichel ensures that Aspire Intown will transform in-town Atlanta markets. As a result, Komichel Johnson will continue to excel within the homebuilding business and focus on providing residential product in transitional revitalization market areas. Komichel Johnson prides himself on being a full time businessman and offers his time and resources to each valued client.